Vertechain Advantages

How the VerteChain blockchain platform benefits your business

VerteChain is an essential tool for improving how modern businesses manage information and communicate with one another. One core feature of blockchain technology is its potential to reduce the cost of trust. When trust puts less strain on time and resources, businesses operate better, collaborate with ease and grow with confidence. Through innovations in blockchain architecture, data compression and user experience, the community-powered VerteChain platform makes these advantages a reality across a range of industries.

VerteChain is Flexible and Scalable

Businesses need solutions that are capable of growing along with them. VerteChain is designed to be adaptable and scalable to meet evolving needs.

Flexibility is central to how VerteChain operates. In order to serve business needs of all shapes and sizes, VerteChain uses compression to reduce the data load on the platform. All essential data files for a business, from financials to inventory to multimedia, are compressed through our proprietary algorithm. This reduces file sizes so that the node stays reasonably sized for all participants on the VerteChain network.

Compression, combined with VerteChain’s unique architecture, keeps the platform sustainable while it scales. Even with large data load and a high volume of transactions, VerteChain’s core grows incrementally. The key to this sustainable architecture are sidechains outside of the core chain. Information related to decentralized applications, data management or another business functions are stored on these sidechains in a highly compressed form. The core chain, therefore, only holds the primary ledger, rules and permissions for the platform while heavier data lives on the sidechains.

This architecture makes VerteChain a viable solution for a wide range of businesses and use cases. For instance, ecommerce retailers can improve information flows by managing inventory and supply chain through VerteChain while real estate companies and banks can streamline title searches and approvals through smart contracts.

VerteChain is Transparent

With its unique architecture, VerteChain provides businesses with a reliable, decentralized, self-sustaining platform for managing digital assets that does not sacrifice transparency for security. On VerteChain, the blockchain is divided into two layers: public and private. The platform handles sensitive, confidential and internal information on the private layer while all other transactions live on the public layer. This two-layer architecture makes VerteChain a feasible solution for banking, insurance and financial sectors where certain information must be viewable only by a select few. Although the private layer is permissioned, both private and public layers live on the same blockchain. In this way, the entire platform exists on one decentralized, transparent network.

VerteChain is also transparent and open in its approach to growing the network. Any user has the ability to deploy a VerteChain instance on a local computer and/or virtual private server (VPS) to become part of the Vertechain network. For users on the network, the platform provides a basic infrastructure, set up like an operating system, that allows businesses to build decentralized applications (DApps) to meet their needs. Participation on Vertechain grants users access to shared data and applications around the network. Open information and free application development encourages a self-sustaining community based on innovation and shared knowledge.

VerteChain is Secure

VerteChain’s security structure is multifaceted. On the highest level, VerteChain uses a private class library to protect the platform against cyberattacks. These responsive protections ensure the integrity of the decentralized system as whole. Additionally, all low level data on the platform is encrypted with 2048 bit keys. All information, from sensitive personal data to valuable IP to public records, is protected by sophisticated encryption that guarantees its safety.



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Supply Chain with VerteChain

VerteChain helps enterprise supply chains leverage blockchain technology to overcome these challenges and improve their business:

Total Transparency

On the ledger, records are instantly available to any party at any time: receivers, senders, shippers and regulators. High data accessibility simplifies processes, allowing decisions and operations to flow easily across organizations.

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Smart Contracts

Any manually executed contract can become automated with VerteChain. From shipments to changes of ownership, smart contracts reduce costs and aid efficiency along the supply chain.

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Blockchains are by definition decentralized and encrypted, which means data recorded on them cannot be deleted, obscured or manipulated, and are only accessible to those with permission. VerteChain’s permissioned blockchain provides security while maintaining P2P flexibility.

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Full Traceability

Track origin, asset details, and geographic movement. Full traceability helps businesses protect against and identify fraud, theft, and damage.

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Certifications & compliance

With smart contracts, compliance, verification, credentials and certification of goods is made simpler and more reliable.

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A Collaborative Core

VerteChain allows parties along the entire supply chain to communicate and coordinate through electronic signatures, file sharing, smart contracts and more.

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