As simple as an OS.
A distributed ledger for issuing and maintaining digital assets in a uniquely scalable way.

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What is vertechain?

A flexible and efficient asset data blockchain that works like an operating system.

vertechain stands alone


VerteChain provides both public and private layers, allowing users to benefit from a decentralized, transparent ledger while limiting visibility of sensitive information.

Without miners, moreover, asset owners may directly validate transactions instantly and free of charge.

vertechain is speed


By using a client-server architecture, VerteChain is more efficient and reliable than compute-intensive peer-to-peer proof of work systems.

In addition, a proprietary algorithm compresses data at a 200:1 MB ratio for storage on VerteChain.

vertechain is connected


Our user-friendly API offers a plug-and-play approach to syncing any existing blockchain to VerteChain.

With our global protocol, blockchains may connect to each other to share data. While connected, every asset issuer maintains full control of the transactions and permissions.

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Use Cases

VerteChain has many relevant use cases across a range of industries.


Smart contracts on VerteChain can auto-approve claims and trigger payments, removing the need for lengthy and often complicated back-and-forth with providers. On blockchain, the automated claims management process reduces human error and fraud by verifying customers, policies, and claims.

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Healthcare organizations can implement VerteChain to simplify and streamline data sharing between institutions, insurers, doctors and patients. Clear and direct access to information lowers administrative costs, improves patient wellness, reduces fraudulent billing and manages provider credentials and affiliations.

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Background Checks
& Verification

Banks and brokers can cut through bureaucratic inefficiencies and verify property sales and transfers using a broker’s unique public routing key. In this way, our blockchain streamlines the process for funding approval with real time, secure access to essential information, eliminating complex paperwork and lengthy title searches

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Indexing &
Data Sharing

Using sidechain capabilities, VerteChain can interact with other blockchains, enabling index building and information sharing across organizations, industries and individuals. For instance, two companies in complementary sectors can share data with the universal VerteChain protocol while maintaining their own private blockchains

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On VerteChain, vendors can create a synchronized, decentralized supply chain system that allows them to query the blockchain to locate inventory and maintain accurate, accessible information on origin, sizing, materials, price history and more. This adds clarity and certainty to the e-commerce process, improving both vendor and customer experiences

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Current financial systems require extensive auditing to enforce compliance. VerteChain offers a new path. Seamless public-private permissions display sensitive information only to authorized parties while storing all data on the ledger. Additionally, instance owners set unimpeachable rules that all participants must follow—ensuring total compliance and validity of all transactions

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Support & FAQ

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How do I integrate VerteChain?
Integrating VerteChain is as simple as registering for our open API online and using our setup wizard to set up an account to access your public and private blockchains, account management tools and set preferences. Once you are set up, VerteChain works as smoothly as an operating system.
What are technical specifications of VerteChain?
The specs for VerteChain, including a thorough technical explanation of the system can be found here (Download PDF).
How does VerteChain encrypt data?
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Where can I learn more about blockchain technology?
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